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The Working Family – Meal Plan (week of February 24, 2013)

February 25, 2013


This week I apparently came across an “old” viral video on Google+ that shows a zombie squid. A dead squid reanimated with simple soy sauce (see video below). The “dancing squid” in this particular video footage was filmed in Hakodate in Hokkaido, Japan where it’s apparently quite a popular dish. It’s both fascinating and horrifying to me and so it’s made it onto this weeks meal plan…sort of. I’m not bringing home squid for dinner but people eat this and so it’s this weeks doodle (I’ve run out of the usual animals we eat and have moved on to unconventional ones…horse I’m looking at you for next week!). I’m not sure if I’d try it. I mean one of my bucket list items is “to eat some of every animal” but I think I may have already tried squid in some way shape or form so maybe I’ll pass on this one.

In other news I’m meeting with the head of another department at my office today to give him all my ideas (well maybe not all) on one of the projects in his department. I’m hoping this meeting helps expand my role at my office and so it’s pretty important to me…so what do I do this morning? Leave my fucking folder at home with all my notes! Smooth move exlax *facepalm*. I’m a bit of a wizard though and know i’ll be able to pull my shit together by the time I meet with him at 11. Wish me luck!

Have you ever forgot something important and still pulled it off? Toot your horn in the comments!

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  1. February 27, 2013 4:29 am

    I love your soy sauce the squid!
    Yes you’ve had calamari so you’ve eaten squid. And yes you were brilliant at your interview – like you were going to be anything else 🙂

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