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The Working Family – Meal Plan (week of February 17, 2013)

February 19, 2013


The Man is back to work this week so the meal plan is back on as well. For this weeks doodle I was at a loss so I let Google decide for me by searching “delicious animals” (which I call dibs on for my imaginary indie rock band name if its not already taken). Of course the first thing that comes up is the dodo bird which was so mythically tasty that us humans ate them all. If it was really that good I’m surprised that nobody domesticated them like chickens. Maybe they were just convenient, the McDonald’s of wild birds if you will? It’s plumage probably cures cancer or some crap and we’ll never know.  Let the dodo bird be a lesson to us all, never forget!

I’m glad The Man is back to work but I was admittedly enjoying not having to spend my mornings yelling at the kids and getting them to school. It’s the worst part of my day and I get to experience 4-5 times a week. Lucky me! I’ve been employing the timer technique in that they get 5 minutes to get dressed, 10 to eat, 5 to brush their teeth and another 5 to get their outside stuff on. The little one is a crier and tends to just sit there freaking out about how little time she has and doesn’t end up doing anything. If I could get away with bringing her to school in what she sleeps in (underpants only) I would, just in the hopes that it might finally snap her out of it. I feel like she’s trying to emotionally blackmail me into helping her with everything and I’m just so tired of it already. Anyone out there have tips for dealing with criers? I’m kind of at a loss with her these days!

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