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The Working Family – Meal Plan (week of March 24, 2013)

March 25, 2013


This week the little one wanted to do the meal plan drawing. Beaner is our stupid little dog. I’d like to think in this situation my kid has drawn here that someone has maybe eaten her. Perhaps it was my friend Mr. Chua?  I’ve been told he eats the occasional dog…well he told me that.  Don’t judge, he lives in China.

If you look closely Saturday consists of “Big Ass Ham” which wasn’t planned (well nothing was really since it was TBD so I guess that works out). The grocery store I usually shop at occasionally gives strange “gifts” if you spend an obscene amount of money with them. So this week I wound up spending an obscene amount of money and carting home a massive ham. For a family of 4 this is an over abundance of ham! What can one do with so much ham? It’s going to be my experiment for next week I think. Ham in everything!

Also to the left you can kind of see The Man’s experient with aquaponics.  It’s a fishbowl full of snails with a netpot and some boston leaf lettuce in there.  At first he had tried strawberries with a fighting fish, both died, it was a sad day.  The lettuce is doing better but with us eating it it’s probably not going to last very long.

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