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Spotify Wrapped 2020

December 3, 2020

If any of you have Spotify and haven’t looked at your Spotify wrapped yet this year it’s worth checking out (props to @whateverjewel on twitter for the updated visual format)! Open Spotify on your mobile device and you’ll be able to access the slideshow. Mine this year was heavily effected by the haunted cottage I lived in with Brian the ghost 👻 during the beginning of year!

My Stats:

  • 732 Artists Listened to (481 new ones)
  • 307 genres listened to (150 new ones)
  • Top genres: Modern Alternative Rock, Minnesota Hip Hop, Vapour Soul, Indie Poptimism, Rock (full tally of Spotify genres here)
  • Top Podcast: I Weigh with Jameela Jamil (I listened to 1 episode!)
  • Listened to “These Words (Again)” before it hit 50k streams
  • I apparently played stuff from the 80s the most (I’m so confused about this!)
  • My Top Songs of 2020 Playlist

Top Songs:

  1. cleopatrick – sanjake (played 10x)
  2. Tom Morello – Lucky One (feat. K.Flay)
  3. NVDES – Where Is Your Mind?
  4. obylx – Ghosts
  5. Dolly Spartans – I Hear The Dead

Top Artists:

  1. Jarv & Thief
  2. cleopatrick
  3. K.Flay
  4. Abhi The Nomad
  5. No Frills (lol WHAT??)

Here is the playlist I put together based on the stuff Brain the ghost was playing me earlier this year

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