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2019 Music Year in Review

May 8, 2020

When people tell you there just isn’t good music being made anymore point them here. These are all the video’s I’ve deemed exceptional that have been posted to my YouTube subscriptions over 2019, with bonus corresponding Spotify playlists for your listening pleasure. Please note, not all songs are included due to limited availability.

They are either artists I was aware of and super happy with their new or reposted work (YUSS’s), new to me music that blew my socks off (Fave Find’s), or songs/music videos that were so out of the box they had to be called out (Provocateurs). With over 600 videos in total there is probably every genre known to man or beast here, and far too many artists to call out individually. With that much variety I promise you that you’ll find stuff you like. Enjoy!

Yuss’s of 2019

Click here for the “Yuss’s 2019” Spotify Playlist

Fave Finds of 2019

Click here for the “Fave Finds 2019” Spotify Playlist

Provocateurs of 2019

Click here for the “Provocateurs of 2019” Spotify  Playlist (I highly recommend watching this one though if you are going to invest the time cause a lot of what makes these onto this list are the awesome videos, & more than some aren’t available on spotify)

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