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Mix Tape – 176

October 23, 2019

The very best music cherry picked from my YouTube subscriptions between Sep 09th & Sep 15th 2019! This playlist is, as always, all over the place so there’s probably something here for almost everyone.

Genres: Hip-Hop, Electronica, Folk Rock, Indie Pop, Hardcore Punk, Dancehall, Heavypsych, Rock, Blues, Post-Punk, Orchestral Score, Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Modern Classical, Pop, Chill, and MORE!!

New stuff from: Major Lazer, Rick Astley, Alice Cooper, The Heavy, Sampa The Great, Meghan Trainor, Snoop Dogg, Princess Nokia, and MORE!!

lil nas x - 04.gif

Fave Finds of the week: Gene Clark – Silver Raven (Version Two), Bakar – Hell N Back, CYKA BLYAT – Robo PupperJoep Beving – Orvonton, The Black Tones – The Key Of Black (They Want Us Dead), Lucy Feliz – Paradise

YUSS’s of the week: Saweetie- My Type (feat. City Girls & Jhené Aiko) [Remix], The Black Keys – Eagle Birds, The Heavy – Put It on the Line, Motörhead – Eat The Rich, Princess Nokia – Sugar Honey Iced Tea (S.H.I.T.)

WTF’s of the week: Little Big x Tommy Cash – Give Me Your Money, Baseck – Energy Morph

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