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Bullet Journals Are For People With Too Much Time On Their Hands!

May 9, 2019


Bullet Journals ARE for people with too much time on their hands, seriously. Do you want a to-do list that actually gets done, or do you want a pretty journal that you can post to Instagram? I’m a big fan of to do lists, it’s how I manage to remember any of the to-do’s that my brain manages to bubble to the surface, but a bullet journal just makes this all way too complicated for my tastes. I do use a journal, its insides aren’t really that pretty but she has a great personality. If my journal was a fictional character I’d say she’s like Hermione Granger. No bull shit, straight to the point, and full of facts.

If you’re doing a bullet journal and it’s working out for you great, but if you’ve tried it and failed terribly but still believe in its power let me propose this scaled back version that is sure to light a fire under your ass!

I propose The To-Do List. Seriously, this is for productivity, I’m not wasting time making up some cutesy name for this shit!


To-Do List Tips

  • Keep your journal with you as often as possible (you never know when an idea will strike).
  • When an idea comes to you simply write it down in the next available line preceded with a check box. Putting stuff in categories is a time waster.
  • Review the list as often as the mood strikes, check off any items you’ve already done and find the next item to tackle.
  • This doesn’t all have to be work, toss all the fun stuff you think of in there too. You want to check out that new coffee shop? Add it! You want to take a bath but can’t just now? Add it! You want to learn how to play the harp? Add it! Trust me, it makes your list less daunting and breaks up the drudgery of submitting that report, or cleaning those windows when you have things in there to look forward to.

Keep it simple. The key is to really try to capture all those thoughts of stuff you should, or want to be doing so it eases up your mental bandwidth and you don’t need to think about it again till it’s time to do the thing.

20190509_1238326751861533930642307.jpgTo-Do List Advanced Tips

  • Do you really want to mentally purge all those thinky thoughts that keep scrambling around in your grey meats? Try a candle meditation with your journal and a pen beside you. Put a timer on for however much time you can allow (I suggest at least 10 minutes to start, I do up to an hour at times), find a comfy place to sit, set up a candle at eye level, light it, and then just stare at it. Thoughts will begin to bubble to the surface. Capture as much or as little of them as you feel. Your to-do list can be a place for capturing realisations, inspirations, wishes, and truths too, not just for shit you need to get done. Just don’t put a checkbox next to these entries, and if you really want to differentiate I write these in cursive and the rest in block/printed text.
  • You have repeatable tasks? I personally highlight the checkbox in green and this triggers me to immediately add a new highlighted entry of this same item once it’s been checked off.
  • Have some time on your hands? Do a full review of pending tasks and add a star beside anything that looks immediately doable, then start off with the quickest, easiest, or most enjoyable task to get some momentum going.
  • Is an uncompleted task no longer relevant? Just cross it out and never think about it again!
  • Is the list getting unruly? Capture all outstanding tasks into the latest entry spaces, cross out tasks that weren’t completed, but have been recaptured elsewhere. When doing this I capture any of those candle meditation insights that aren’t to-do’s into the back pages of the notebook. If you use a spiral bound notebook you can then rip out the old pages to keep it concise if you want. I personally like to have the record of what I’ve been up to and use a sticky tab as a bookmark to keep me going to the part of the journal that is most relevant.
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