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Mix Tape – 08

June 20, 2016

The very best music cherry picked from my YouTube subscriptions between June 13th and June 19th 2016! This playlist is, as always, all over the place so there’s probably something here for almost everyone.

Genres: Chill (SO much good chill this week), R&B, Deathcore, Orchestral Soundtrack, Remix, Stoner Rock, plus much MORE!

New stuff from: The Pack A.D., Major Lazer, Phantogram, Dub FX, Texas Hippie Coalition, Garbage, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Peter Gabriel, and a heart wrenching tribute to the victims of the Orlando massacre laid over Janet Jackson’s “Shoulda Known Better” by one of her fans.

Fave Find of the week: Caravan Palace, that video, that mashup of sounds….what IS that? Electro jazz rap?? I love it!

YUSS of the week: The video has now been released for A Tribe Called Red’s new single “Stadium Pow Wow”

WTF of the week: Epic Hand Shake Game Time Song! (feat. ScottDW & Glitch)

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