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Mix Tape – 05

June 5, 2016

The very best music cherry picked from my YouTube subscriptions between May 29th and May 22nd 2016! YouTube has produced another bountiful harvest this week. As usual, this playlist is all over the place so there’s probably something here for almost everyone.

Genres: Metal of various persuasions, Remixes, Experimental Electronica, live performances from Radio 1’s Big Weekend, New New Wave, even a little Country, and MORE!

kermit flailNew stuff from: Garbage, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Adelle, The Kills, Bat For Lashes and much much more!

Fave Find of the Week: David August & Ensemble “Velvet” – Live In Cologne. This is how I picture the band in Piers Anthony’s book “Being a Green Mother” to be. So glorious!

YUSS of the week: Russian Circles ‘Vorel’ from the upcoming album ‘Guidance’ available August 5, 2016 on Sargent HouseiTunes pre-order & CD/VINYL PRE-ORDER

WTF of the week: Saint & UNiiQU3 – Yo (I’m Lit) both the song and the video are deceptively simple, but I defy you to not get those lyrics totally stuck in your head…and when that bass kicks in it’s so tasty.

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