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Night at the Museum….literally!

December 14, 2015

About a year ago I came across this awesome blog post by Catherine Connors from Her Bad Mother (I guess she was guest blogging at alpha mom?) entitled “50 Things to do With Kids in Toronto Before Your Kids Grow Up”  and after pouring over the list I decided that I was going to take the kids to a sleep over at the ROM.

After signing up for their ROM alerts and then registering as soon as I could, the fateful day finally arrived this past Friday. I took this opportunity to live blog it to Google+ while I was there, but I thought it would be fun to collect everything here (plus some bonus footage).

As an advanced warning, there is one image in here that is NSFW. You have been warned!

Dec 11, 2015

4:20 p.m.
We have arrived! They were nice enough to let us in a little early. The ROM rocks!!


To get into the ROM for the sleep over you have to enter the building through the south “President’s Choice” entrance. If you look left after exiting Museum Subway station it’s right there.

We got all of our stuff dropped off in a ROM locker, check these things out, they’re huge! It rolls out of a bank of lockers and there’s more space in this thing than my own closet. I think you could easily fit an entire classrooms stuff in there with little effort.

5:25 p.m.

With our welcome package there was a top 10 list of things to see at the museum, as soon as the kids saw there was a shrunken head they decided we had to see it. It took us a long time to find because it’s so small but we found it in the Gallery of Africa, the Americas and Asia-Pacific.


Shrunken head or tsantsa, Shuar culture, Amazonia Ecuador, early 20th century?

Also found in the Gallery of Africa, the Americas and Asia-Pacific was this cool “proverbial coffin”  from Ghana.

This particular gallery was where The Little One started complaining that there was too many penises everywhere, lol.

6:15 p.m.
“What da fuk is dat thing?”  I know it’s a sunfish, but I’ll never be able to look at this sunfish at the ROM again without thinking of the “Boston Sunfish – Supercut” clip (see below)

6:16 p.m.

I curate a collection on Google+ for bugs so I was happy to take advantage of the cool bugs the ROM has on display. This was just one case of many found in different parts of the gallery.


So many fantastic bugs. How many can you identify?

7:20 p.m.
Night at the Museum inside #NightAtTheMuseum so meta! I miss Robin Williams 😦


10:16 p.m.

WTF? My kid is tapping out and we still have two hours left before lights out. The Pompeii exhibit is open and I’m not allowed to just leave her here…ffs!!!

She got up after hearing there were snacks. We hit up Druxy’s for some chocolate milk, chips, and pizza and then headed to the Pompeii exhibit. YAY!

11:10 p.m.
I was all “Yay Pompeii!” and then I was all “oh noes” 😦


Guard dog, cast, House of Orpheus, Pompeii

“This dog was left chained to a post to guard the House of Orpheus when the occupants fled. The bronze studs around its neck are all that remains of a collar. As the pumice fall-out deepened, the dog climbed higher — until eventually it ran out of chain and was suffocated.”
So sad!

11:11 p.m.
And then I was all “OH NOOOOES”! I should have expected this but I totally gaped out and forgot that Pompeii was a brothel town.

The Little One “Why are there penises everywhere? Even the ladies have penises!”
Me “No they don’t, that penis is in her vagina!”
Both Kids “EEEEEEEW”

It wasn’t all death and penises though, there was some really amazing mosaic art of fishes and dogs. It was inspiring!

11:18 p.m.

I think I found my new favourite dinosaur! The Pachycephalosaurus!!!


OMG you can ride one in the game ARK: Survival Evolved!


Dec 12, 2015

12:14 a.m.
Goodnight everybody. Sleeping quarters for most were in the Samuel Hall Currelly Gallery. Some lucky campers got to sleep under the Futalognkosaurus in the Hyacinth Gloria Chen Crystal Court pictured here.

7-ish a.m.
The wake up call was at 7 a.m. and we managed to pack up our stuff relatively quickly from getting some practice in camping over the summer. Shortly after that we headed back downstairs to Druxy’s for breakfast. I wasn’t doing anything till I got at least two cups of coffee in me. They had a great spread though considering, eggs, coffee, juices, a yogurt bar, fresh fruit, a cereal bar, coffee, and did I say coffee already? Coffee!!

9:04 a.m.

This is one of my favourite exhibits in the ROM “biodiversity of a mixed forest”. I wish they had a few more exhibits like this that recreate an ecosystem from different parts of the world.
imageWe also got to meet a couple of axolotl’s, the pale one is one raised in captivity and there was a dark one that was wild (not pictured). There were SO MANY eggs in their tank. The Oldest first learnt about them from this YouTube video, so cute! My picture doesn’t do it justice.

11:00 a.m.

The ROM gift shop opened early for exclusive sleep over access, and was a painful test of patience while The Little One agonised over the “perfect” souvenir. She eventually settled on the sloth, no the fox, ok the sloth. I’m so close to being done with this day and we have full access all day today. We’re going to check out the “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” as it’s a temporary exhibit, but the rest will have to wait for another day.


Sloth toy by Wild Republic, mouse puppet by Folkmanis Puppets

11:01 a.m.
We scored these cool iron on patches as part of the sleep over!

11:51 a.m.
The very last exhibit for the day. There was a lot of great photography in this exhibit from photographers all over the world but I liked how disturbing this one was, and I feel that Don Gutoski totally deserved his win for this shot. The Little One was all “Why are you taking a picture of that? It’s so gross!” And I was all “Yup!”

I’m wiped!!

#NightAtTheMuseum is now officially over. If I wasn’t so tapped out the plan was to hit up Yorkdale Mall for Fashion Santa, but I just couldn’t even!! So I went home and soaked my feet instead. My feet were crying tears of joy once I got into the tub!


Get your own rubber flamingo from CelibriDucks

Word to the wise, when spending 19 straight hours in a museum always remember to bring at least two pairs of super comfy shoes, like slippers and sneakers would have been great!

The kids loved this adventure and I would totally do it with them again. The ROM staff were all fantastic and I feel like now that we’ve done it once we could do it even better a second time.

I think I’ve pinpointed the next sleepover to take the kids to though, the “Overnight Reef Adventure” at Ripley’s Aquarium, so if that ends up becoming a reality I hope to do another post like this in the future.

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