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Product Review – essie belugaria nail polish

January 19, 2014

essie belugaria

My friend Amy gave me a bottle of this stuff last night citing that she just couldn’t handle having this stuff on her nails, so I thought I’d give it a spin tonight.

First off this stuff is fricken THICK as it’s a textured polish that’s supposed to (somewhat) resemble the caviar manicure (but for lazy people I guess? I dunno, I’ve never done it cause I’m lazy!). It kind of looks more like lava rock or something, definitely NOT caviar though, unless that fish it came from has some sort of disease!

Because it’s so thick you kind of have to resist the urge to remove excess off of the brush like you would with a normal polish. Don’t be shy with this stuff, slather it on!! Once I got over that it went on fairly easily, but it’s really messy. This stuff only needs one coat and dries really quickly which is nice. You also can’t really use a top coat since it’ll ruin the effect so yay, one less step. I just did clean up with an orange stick and some nail polish remover and it actually cleaned up really easily considering how dark it is. It chips off super easily too though so don’t lick your fingers or pick your nose with this stuff on. Touch ups are really easy though since you can just dot a bit more on and it blends seamlessly. I can see why my friend didn’t like it though, it feels WEIRD!!

I’ll most likely wear it again, as long as the bottle doesn’t glue itself shut.

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