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All those other Cottage Pies are just imitating

January 21, 2013

The internet keeps trying to trick me into thinking cottage pie doesn’t come with a crust.  I think it needs to be in a flaky pastry boat filled with tasty goodness, don’t you?  Due to my frustration with the internet and it’s refusal to follow my rules for cottage pie I’ve decided to post how I make it…the ghetto way of course!!  Which I suppose technically speaking is what cottage pie is all about really?

Shopping List:

  • potatoes
  • butter
  • milk
  • salt
  • ground beef (approximately 1/4 lb per pie)
  • onions (optional)
  • packet gravy (or any gravy you might have really, also optional)
  • pre-made pie shell(s) from the freezer section (they usually come 2 per box)
  • frozen vegetables

BUTTER!I’m not going to list measurements for these things but I will say, the more you cook of the ground beef and potatoes the better, cause you can always use those things for other things if you don’t use it all (in fact I do this on purpose to prep stuff for other meals in advance like spaghetti or side dishes for roast).  I also suggest prepping two pies at once as this get’s eaten up pretty fast in my house and will make for another quick meal later on in the week.

…and now for the hardest part, peeling potatoes.

here's THE BEEF

here’s THE BEEF

I don’t like to cook on a good day but peeling potatoes has to be the absolute worst!  I peel about 14 medium potatoes and cut them all up to boil for approximately 30 minutes (or until soft).  Strain them, mash them, give them a huge dollop of butter (old school Paula Deen would be so proud of you!), a very liberal splash of milk and salt to taste.  The more liquid you get in there the easier it’s going to be to spread it around.  Taste test those bitches to make sure they are up to your standards.

While your potatoes are cooking also cook up your ground beef (you’ll need approximately 1/4 lb per pie) and cook it to the point of being crumbly, drain the fat at some point so you aren’t just boiling the crap out of it.  You can also chop onion and add it to your mix to cook. In this example I got fancy and caramelized them separately and then added them in.I had leftover gravy from poutine that was made the day before and poured that into the ground beef I had separated out for the pies but if you’re feeling lazy just mix a portion of packet gravy into the beef mixture (see, I’m trying to make your life easier for you here).  Place a layer of ground beef in each shell. Then a layer of frozen vegetables (whatever you like, I’m not THAT much a stickler for my made up rules). Lastly cover the vegetables with a layer of mashed potatoes.

mmmm delish!

mmmm delish!

I normally will wrap them in foil and put them in the fridge as these make for a fantastic make ahead meal. I write in sharpies the temp and cook time so any idiot can then heat up dinner if you’re not around.  400°F for 20 minutes.  Enjoy!

3 Comments leave one →
  1. January 21, 2013 5:12 pm

    This looks delicous!! Must try 😛

  2. rob da lion permalink
    January 24, 2013 6:06 pm

    I’m hungry now…

  3. February 19, 2013 8:45 pm

    hey Shar, thanks for following my blog although be warned that i blog way too little. i hope i’ll pick it up and get into a habit one of these days but one never knows with me.
    i remember you from the good old days at Lina’s 4um.
    this recipe here sounds amazing, i’ve got to send that over to my Calle so he’ll print it and cook it for us one of these days (he’s the cook in the house, i’m the dishwasher).
    all the best from Sweden,

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