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This is what happens when you take a joke too far!

January 17, 2013

This is what happens when you take a joke too far!

Shatners lips look so supple!

Hello All, I know I have been pretty scarce lately.  I don’t really have a good reason except that The Man got laid off so I haven’t had a reason to do meal plans, and I’ve been generally feeling uninspired.   My foray into NaNoWriMo was a blazing failure this year (don’t ask, it’s still taunting me).  But the past couple of weeks things are on the upswing!

I’ve had an artist friend approach me to do a children’s book with her which is actually coming along quite well surprisingly (I’ll update you guys along the way as it progresses).   I’ve also had inspiration strike on a couple of blog posts so I promise more will be coming really soon!  The thing I’m most proud of this week though is totally ridiculous and I just have to share it with you guys.

I have been a pretty active member on Google+ these days and have made quite a few new friends over there.  One of them is John Ward, who is now the unfortunate target of my internet trolling.  I troll in a very nice way though and have asked for his permission the entire way (which he surprisingly keeps agreeing to, I think he’s just a glutton for punishment or something?)  He opened himself up to this, so he basically trolled himself in a way.

Look at the attached indigogo site I’ve affectionately named “Project Duck Face” that I’ve set up with the full details on what I consider a joke gone too far (although I haven’t even begun to take it as far as I plan to, muah hahahhahaha!).

Join in on the joke and kick in a dollar if you can (you’ll even get a drawing by your’s truly sent to your inbox), if the full amount isn’t raised you’ll get the money back anyway.  If I can actually make this happen though I think it could be the funniest thing I’ve ever pulled off…and I know you want to help me pull off funny things right?!?!

If not, just click it to read and I hope you enjoy it.

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