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The Working Family – Meal Plan (week of October 29 2012)

October 30, 2012


Happy Halloween everyone! Even my drawing is in disguise. Pigs eat candy right? Gummy worms and stuff? Oh my misteak…I think that’s cows with this grain shortage going on. Don’t worry cows, it didn’t used to be the sweet sweet innards of your friends bones or anything. Just enjoy all that sugar.

Speaking of horror stories Sandy has touched down and fucked up NY, but you don’t live under a rock  (unless that rock is stealing wi-fi right) so you knew that already. That crane is gonna be something to get down. We’ve felt some effect here, mostly just rain (more rain) and wind. I was secretly hoping for a power outage and wound up being the ONLY person from my office who played it safe yesterday and stayed home. I was told not once, but twice that I had to come in or take it as a vacation day. Yes, I understood that the first time! I’m glad I took the day off though, I’d much rather be safe than sorry. The worst case scenario of sorry could have been both me and The Man getting stuck in the city, so I stayed. I’m sure I’m not going to be very popular at work today but fuck them, I took it as a vacation day.

In other news I’ve been gearing up for NaNoWriMo by rereading (and editing) my story from last year. I’ve been using Docs to Go on my phone and autocorrect is even MORE annoying than usual in there. It’ll combine two words into one totally unrelated word when you’re backtracking on your work. I’m almost done though and should be ready to go for part two bright and early on Nov 1st. Good luck to you if you’re joining in this year!


P.S. – I carved a teeny pumpkin with the likeness of Adventure Time heroes Jake the Dog and Finn the Human in the middle of the night last night with a teeny exacto knife.  The oldest better appreciate what I do for her jack-o-lantern contest needs!  I got the line art from which was actually really helpful.

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