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The Working Family – Meal Plan (week of September 02 2012)

September 5, 2012


I’m a little behind this week! It’s been crazy, crazy busy!

The weekend started off with a visit from one of The Man’s friends. He brought beer which is always nice of people to do, kind of like honey badger (although I suspect he’d bring mead instead). This was followed up the next day with a visit from my friend, her man, his kids and their dog. That day was like animal house, but it was really great to see her and I’m so glad all the kids played nice together. They also brought beer. Thanks for all the beers people! Later that night another one of The Man’s friends showed up and stayed overnight (he didn’t bring beer, it would have been funny if he did though). Somehow my kitchen is cleaner than when the weekend started. I suspect some guests helped clean up. So yay, thanks peeps!

Yesterday was spent dealing with pink eye…yes again! No it wasn’t me. Oh I also got to deal with the first day of school. *freakout mode*

My kids have been going to daycare since they were each a year old. For a few years there they were both at the same location which was great. But oldest is starting grade one in French immersion and youngest is starting JK at public school (I really did try to get her into French immersion as well but it didn’t work out), except our catchment school is still not full time kindergarten so she is still in daycare every other day. To say I’m a little stressed out with this schedule would be an understatement.

Also oldest is starting “Sparks” this week as you’ll notice I accommodated for on the meal plan.

I still have a few more weeks of crazy stuff to get through. Another birthday party to plan, a cram session for the CAPM test, the test itself. My Mom is coming to help out so I really hope she alleviates some of the stress. Which is funny cause usually she adds to it.

Mommy is stressed out! September is not fun for this working Mom.

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