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Just No! – Baby on Board signs

August 29, 2012

On my way to the train station this morning Mr. A-hole pulled out in front if me. He obviously didn’t even look before he did it but as he swung out in front of me all of a sudden this came into view:

20120829-082150.jpgThese “baby on board” stickers make throw up in my mouth a little. All these signs ever do is make me want to hit you harder if we did ever happen to get into an accident! Plus I know there was no baby currently on board Mr. A-hole’s car cause he just pulled out of a daycare, I assume to drop off his A-hole spawn (unless he’s a creepy weirdo, why else would he be there?). He’s such a liar!

These signs conjure up images of self righteous helicopter parents who think that putting a sign like that on their car will actually make people be more cautious around them. Nobody wants to get into an accident stupid! Putting that stuff on your car just makes you look like an asshole!

I have two kids and not once did I ever even entertain the thought of using that sign. It’s just dumb, just as dumb as those family stickers (which is a whole other beef I have, but along the same lines).

Anyway, after Mr. A-hole cut me off we drove down the road towards the light…and he didn’t signal to go left but I was already in the left turning lane, so guess what? He just cut’s me off again! I pull up behind Mr. A-hole at the light, and then, THEN he turns his signal on. WTF?? As I’m sitting there marveling at his BMW attitude on a Mazda budget I notice he’s also on his cellphone…awesome!

These are the types of people that use “baby on board” signs. Don’t be Mr. A-hole, please…I beg of you!!!

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  1. August 29, 2012 1:02 pm

    I think we should start a business for “Asshole On Board” stickers. We could assign them as necessary in parking lots. The public needs to be informed! We would be like….super heroes!!! I want to be cat woman this time though.

    • August 29, 2012 2:35 pm

      That company of course already exists 😛 You can still be cat woman though

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