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August 24, 2012

Since recovering enough from surgery to become a quasi-functioning member of society again I get to my office every morning and am confronted with this:

my pretties

I scored this bookcase after we moved offices and stuffed it full of my shoes. It seemed like a brilliant idea at the time and it was a system that was working for me. I’d walk to work from the train station in flats and then pull a Mr. Rogers and change my shoes when I got into work…and sometimes get bored of them and change my shoes again (that’s totally normal, right?).

Since breaking my ankle and dealing with a slow recovery this wall of shoes simply taunts me,FUCK YOU WALL OF SHOES!  

To help me get back into these things I’ve started working with a new physiotherapist at the clinic (yes that’s what it’s actually called) named Phil in the hopes that he’ll help me. I had my first appointment last Friday, and I don’t really know what I was expecting but it definitely didn’t involve me biting my knuckles to fight back involuntary tears.

Every other time I’ve gone for physio it’s involved things like light stretching, massage and ultrasound. This time it was acupuncture, electro shock and sadistic digging, prodding and squeezing of all of the most tender and painful parts of my ankle and leg. He is a pro though and for some reason none of this torture resulted in bruising of any kind. I hate that it made me cry (and I paid for this???  I must be crazy!), but at the same time I feel like I’ve finally found someone who is going to help me get some results. No pain, no gain right?

An added bonus is the complimentary snack & coffee bar which isn’t really that complimentary since this place is more expensive than other places, but I appreciate being able to eat a bunch of sugar after going through a process like this.  It’s like the adut version of the lollypop after a needle (although they do actually have lollipops there as well, Chupa Chups of course).

“Here have an espresso and a Mars bar!”

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