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Damn girl, you got skillz?

July 16, 2012

I’ve been working in Project Management for …it’ll be 6 years tomorrow! OMG!!!  I work in the nuclear industry (don’t judge, it’s interesting and I appreciate being able to work with nerds, but I realize not everyone is a fan!) with budgets in the millions and a whole cast of interesting characters in my working groups.

The entire time I’ve been doing this as an “Assistant”,  but I’ve recently discovered that I have all the prerequisites to go for my “Certified Associate Project Management” certification.  I’m really excited about being able to take this test and level up my skills.

As a gamer this appeals to me in a “level boss” kind of way.

“All of the Bowsers are exactly the same!”

Unfortunately I have to defeat about 600 chapters first (yes I’m exaggerating) and some asshole fairy keeps casting “sleep” and “forget” spells on me and all I have to fight them with is a pen, highliters and a pot of coffee (mana?)!  It really doesn’t seem like a fair fight to me at this point.

That damn fairy is totally fucking with this cat too. Don’t give up cat, you can still master that physics test!

The joke’s on that bitch though cause I’m getting cheat codes in the form of a 3 day intensive cram session at the beginning of August.  Unfortunately I can’t write them down and bring them in with me to fight this boss.  I’m gonna have to rely on my unreliable brain to remember said cheat codes…all those chapters of cheat codes!  No pressure :S

At this point I’ll try anything to help out my brain, fish, fish oil, surgical implants of fish brains. If you have any wisdom to impart please help a girl out.

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