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The Working Family – Birthday Party

July 7, 2012

I wasn’t sure if I’d have the time or the means to pull off a birthday party for the youngest this year. I refuse to host a birthday party at my house since we are perpetually in the midst of renos and dog potty training (don’t even get me started on that shit, pun intended).

We got a bit of good news in a weird sort of way in that we’ve actually been overpaying for daycare all year (WTF?) and are getting some money back. So this is me pulling a birthday party out of my ass at the last minute:

  • I called the local play place and booked a party spot for the next available Friday evening.
  • Texted the usual suspects to let them know.
  • Tossed invites into random cubbies for her class at daycare. Normally the play place provides invitations, but because of my ankle situation I didn’t make it in to pick them up in time and stayed up late one night making these (party details excluded):

20120706-114903.jpgDon’t be like me, get those invites from the party location if available!

  • Picked up a limited assortment of beverages (juice boxes, water and iced tea and the all essential box of coffee (which is about 10 cups) from Tim Hortons).
  • Borrowed a cooler from the neighbors.
  • Hit up both my gift stash (I keep a bin in the basement filled with toys I find on sale and goodie bag items) and the dollar store.

Then I took that Friday off and:

  • Dropped the kids off at daycare
  • Made cupcakes (obviously to make your life easier you’d buy something but I really love to bake!)
  • Assembled goodie bags which included bendy straws in the shape of ice cream cones, Lotta Luv sweet treats lip gloss pots (which I kept a couple for myself and TOTALLY want to eat my face when I have it on), small plastic dinosaurs, boncy balls, erasers that look like baked goods, stamps, chocolates, strawberry candy and that pixie stick sugar stuff in fruit shaped containers.
  • Grabbed ice and the drinks
  • Picked up pizza from Little Ceasars (I love that place for immediate pizza you don’t have to preorder, any working family with a location nearby should know about it!)

The basic itinerary is kids arrive and play, break for food, and then they go play till their parents drag them out of there. Open the presents at home, kids don’t care about that shit when there’s twisty slides and air hockey!

And there it is,  a party the kids will play their little asses off at and I barely broke a sweat AND still have all weekend to deal with my regular domestic stuff.  High fives me!

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