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The Working Family – Meal Plan (week of July 01 2012)

July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day to everyone (yes even you non Canadians. It’s a weekend so you can play along and drink a beer with me!).

So far my day has been mostly spent cooking, cleaning out the fridge (my second most hated job after toilets) and doing up another meal plan for this week. I used to draw and paint on a semi regular basis, but since I don’t do that anymore my artistic expression can appear in strange places…like the weekly meal plan.  TAA DAA 😀

That little chicken amuses me, get into my belly chicken!  BTW, that leaf is a maple leaf, I swear. Ya that other leaf too, they’re both maple leafs and that’s what I’d say in court!

The recipes I’m using this week are the following:

The pulled pork is leftovers from the “crock pot meat” from last week, which wound up being a great boneless rib pork roast.  I’ve learnt an amazing trick from pinterest.  You chunk up the meat into sections (I just tear it with my hands like a fucking savage), toss it in the mixer with a flat beater attachment and it shreds the meat in seconds…KICK ASS!  Then I heat it in a pot with PC Pulled Pork Sauce and it’s ready.  A meal in less than 10 minutes and I love being able to use up leftovers before they go bad.  Going through the fridge today made me so sad, SO many life forms had to die.

Shish Kebab Marinade – (it says to marinate overnight, I’ll be honest…this will most likely marinate for a few days because I’ll try to do as much prep for the week all at once and just leave it for The Man to deal with.)

The Burger patties will also get prepped in advance and will be a basic concoction of ground beef, Montreal steak spice rub, a bit of ground up oatmeal (as a binding agent), some chopped onion and an egg.  I don’t measure these things, I just toss it all there and hope for the best.  I should probably try to perfect that recipe.  Sometimes it turns out great and other times it’s terrible!  Anyone have any ideas on stuff I could add to this that might make it more flavourful?

Ravioli Lasagna – I make this ahead and cover in plastic wrap with the cooking instructions written on it to make it as dummy proof as prepackaged lasagna. I love Sharpies!

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