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Happy Fathers Day, take good care of yourself Dad’s <3

June 15, 2012

Hello Dad’s of the interwebs. You have a really important job to do and I know you don’t get enough recognition so here is my Fathers Day card to you!

I’m not stereotyping, it’s all Chris Rock’s fault!

My Dad isn’t around anymore and I’m going to tell you why.  Stay with me, it’s for your own good!

He was one of those guys who was too “macho” to go to a doctor when something was wrong. He almost cut his thumb right off once and just used gauze and duct tape to fix it after he bled all over the kitchen. The only time I actually remember him going to the hospital for anything is when he had a HUGE metal shaving embedded in his eyeball that he just couldn’t get out himself.

I know he’s not alone, most (make that all) of the guys in my life hate going to the doctor for anything. I gotta tell you though, an annual check up is SO important. Most of the time it’s just a great ego boost, you’re healthy, everything is great, you’re AWESOME! But sometimes, and this is when it’s really important, they find something AND THEN SMITE IT WITH THEIR DOCTOR POWERZ!

My Dad self diagnosed his colon cancer as hemorrhoids for years. None of us questioned it because we all thought that he had seen a doctor about it. By the time his cancer was diagnosed for what it really was it was too late. One of his major regrets in life was thinking that he didn’t need doctors and he could take care of himself.

Please Dads of the world, you’re too important to be too macho to go to the doctor. Plus I hate to say it, but when you get all “I can take care of myself” when you really should be getting help; your lady friends are thinking you are a big raging pussy who is too scared to go to the doctor!  Sorry, but it has to be said.

Take good care of yourselves and book a checkup with your Doctor! Do it now, what are you waiting for? Ass cancer? I promise you, even if you’re feeling a little bit crappy they can hook you up with all kinds of great things to make you feel better. A vitamin regiment, some painkillers, a round of antibiotics, a referral to a specialist, a doctor’s note to get you out of going to work when you KNOW you really shouldn’t, some stitches so you don’t bleed where you eat. Your body has to take you through life, your entire life. Don’t run it into the ground and then expect it to be ok, think about all the cars you’ve done that too. Where are they now?  Wait, don’t think about that.  Just think about how amazing you’re going to feel when your doctor tells you what great shape you’re in.

You go awesome Dad!

In memory of my Dad, the money I’d normally spend on something he’d probably never use will instead go to The Canadian Cancer Society –  miss you Dad!

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  1. June 15, 2012 2:54 pm


  2. Ben Zaitz permalink
    March 14, 2014 4:20 pm

    Well said and important stuff. Glad I read this. I lost my dad too early too. My annual checkup is coming up in just a few weeks. 🙂

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