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I feel like I’m in the movie Cocoon

May 31, 2012

So I’m in my last week of physio for my ankle. I can’t believe that a couple months ago I couldn’t even stand on it. Physio is kind of a strange place. I’m there with a bunch of people who’ve had total knee replacements (in some cases both knees) and all of them are retired. It makes me feel a little like Steve Guttenberg! Who’s Steve Guttenberg you ask? Who’s Steve Guttenberg!


Steve Guttenberg

Ok Obviously I’m not exaclty like him, with me being a lady and all. My tits are about the only thing similar to him in this photo really.

In the movie Cocoon he was the only young person in a sea (or maybe it was a swimming pool at the community centre…it’s been awhile since I’ve seen it) of old people. Now the premise of the movie is basically them finding the fountain of youth, in the form of scary alien organic technology which they have to crawl inside and coccon themselves into for it to work, which they only seem to have small moral issues with since it helps them turn back the clock.

This is basically what we’re trying to do at physio but with more work and less immediate results. So I am the lonely young person in a swimming pool of wrinklies. I started making friends there. It’s always amusing to me to hear old people swear, especially dainty looking ladies. I feel an immediate connection to the foul mouthed people of the world. I’m gonna miss those bitches!

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