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“waalaa” makes me all ragey

March 8, 2012
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I’m not a grammar Nazi by any stretch of the imagination. It took me until my second year of college to finally realize that it was spelled “maybe” and not “mabye” (it made perfect sense to me at the time but now that I see it, it just makes me cringe that I was THAT much of an idiot!)

I still can’t spell things like convienience …convienence…fuck.

But when I see someone write the word “waalaa” or any variation of that it makes me go a little crazy. I can see why real grammar Nazi’s get all up in arms about words they know aren’t spelled correctly because of how I feel about how this one word.

I tend to think that the person using it is possibly an idiot and/or a bit of a pretentious douche bag. There is no excuse for it that seems reasonable enough to me to justify its existence.

I know that me having the words n stuffs in the title of my blog makes me a hypocrite but words and stuff was taken so I had to get creative.

Maybe (yes, I got it right) it’s because I grew up in Canada and was forced by our bilingual education system to learn how to spell it, say it and know it’s definition. So when someone doesn’t take the time to attempt to spell it properly I feel like they are spitting in all French peoples faces. Which I suppose could be one of the exact reasons some do spell it that way, like “freedom fries” or something. They’re all “Screw you France!” which then brings me back to my douche bag hypothesis.

I suppose some are just hapless followers that keep seeing it spelled that way on the internet and decided that it is actually a word or, shudder, words. Waa laa, really?

Maybe it’s all icanhascheeseburger’s fault and some just think it’s hilarious to spell it that way. I get it, sort of. But then you just end up looking like one of the other two I previously mentioned and you don’t want that do you?

Please internet, start attempting to spell it right. I don’t even care about the acute accent at the end so much but at least use a v at the beginning.


exclamation /vwäˈlä/

There it is; there you are

  • – “Voilà!” she said, producing a pair of strappy white sandals

Black Beret

Call me an asshole if you must for posting a stereotype but his fake mustache amuses me!

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  1. skampie permalink*
    May 5, 2012 7:14 pm

    and to whoever google searched if “ragey” is even a word, it’s not! LOL!

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