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wait a sec, that’s not meatloaf

February 17, 2012

Way back in 2007 I had something so terrible happen to me as a Mom that I felt like I should share it as a cautionary tale.  I dug deep into the internet to find a record of this so hopefully at least someone will appreciate this conversation I had with my friend Khurrum immediately following the incident:

Sharleen: ZOMG I ate poo :barf:
garg: 😮 baby poo?
Sharleen: yes 😦
garg: how did you do that? did you win anything?
Sharleen: I gave Oli her dinner, meatloaf, and then I was taking care of some other stuff and then she had “meatloaf” on her finger and she was freaking out so I licked it off but it wasn’t the meatloaf I was expecting
garg: oh my god OH NOES
Sharleen: I know, I feel so dirty
garg: Oh my god! hahaha oh noes that’s ʎzɐɹɔ 😮 Don’t lick stuff off of baby fingers from now on
Sharleen: I’m NEVER licking anything off anyone’s fingers ever again
garg: good idea
Sharleen: Jesus Christ, I’m traumatized for life now
garg: Did you gargle and stuff? and drink something like strong lemon juice or vinegar?
Sharleen: no, I ate a potato as fast as I could and then slammed some juice, anything to get the taste out of my mouth
garg: 😮 drink something anti-bacterial
Sharleen: at least it was just a teeny bit of poo, but it was POO!
garg: yeah 😮 that’s like 2 girls 1 cup
Sharleen: EW!
garg: I guess baby poo isn’t as bad I mean, cats do it all the time
Sharleen: it’s still poo, and there is a big difference between baby poo and toddler poo
garg: oh my 😮 you’re right.
Sharleen: ya, I may as well have just eaten anyone’s poo cause toddler poo is just like adult poo
garg: ah.. the things moms do for their kids
Sharleen: fuck, never again!
garg: well, Oli could have accidentally had some so you saved her you’re a HERO
Sharleen: LOL, honestly better her than me
garg: hahaha
Sharleen: mentally I think it’s different if it’s your own poo and you do it to yourself
garg: hahaha i guess so o_O
Sharleen: but it was someone elses sneaky poo
garg: but still… that’s still barf worthy yikes!
Sharleen: disguised as meatloaf
garg: Oh god Yeah, 😯 I feel ill now
Sharleen: I’m also never making meatloaf again
garg: yeah. maybe it was meatloaf cept your meatloaf tastes like poo?
Sharleen: haha my meatloaf does kinda taste like poo now that I’ve eaten some
garg: hahaha 🙂 My meatloaf brings all the boys to the yard o_O
Sharleen: AHAHHAHA!
garg: All you can do now is try to forget about it and maybe take some antibiotics

Lesson of the story? never lick anyones fingers but your own! You REALLY have no idea where they’ve been!

If anyone is actually curious about the meatloaf I did make you can find the recipe here

Image from Canadian Family

Image from Canadian Family

I just always subed the turkey for ground beef.  It really is a good recipe but I haven’t made it since then 😦

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  1. Amy permalink
    February 18, 2012 12:41 am

    This story always makes me laugh. Deficately sage advice not to lick anyone’s fingers but your own 😛

    • skampie permalink*
      February 18, 2012 2:02 am

      lol, you’re so punny 😀

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