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Don’t do this at home kids

January 24, 2012

Since I broke my ankle things have been pretty same old same old for me. That is, till my painkillers almost ran out. I’ve been hoarding the last few just in case I whack it on something and need a little help. Now I lie in bed with my eyes wide open all night. I couldn’t tell you how many hours of sleep I’ve actually gotten since Thursday but it’s definitely not very much. A couple of nights I got foolishly desperate and took another painkiller thinking it might help me sleep and now I only have 2 left. I’ll get tantalizingly close, and then I get all sweaty and uncomfortable and then to top it all off one of my kids will come down crying from yet another nightmare and insist on crawling into bed with me…so, no sleep for me. I did manage to catch a nap yesterday for a couple hours which just makes me feel like I’m going to turn into a day sleeper which isn’t really going to work for my regular lifestyle. I can’t be sleeping all day. It’s when my backdoor access to our server at work is up and running, after 10 pm I can’t do much of anything. It’s the time of day I should be working, or at least being awake watching crappy sitcoms on Netflix.

I’m very lucky that I work for a company that has the capability for me to work from home though and was nice enough to lend me their best laptop while I’m off. But that just makes me wonder why I’m not working from home more often. I commute 3 hours daily for that job, 3 hours I could be working or watching crappy sitcoms or even *gasp* playing with my kids. But instead I’m sitting on a train writing stories about impaling demons on flagpoles (more on that at another time perhaps), taking pictures for my commuter sunrise series (yes I’m up that early) and other strange things to pass the time.

Why can’t I have insomnia when my leg isn’t broken and I can easily go downstairs and make myself a snack? I’m so hungry right now, but the idea of crawling down there with this cast on and making myself something to eat without falling over seems a little past my skill level at the moment. I’m no Rick Hansen! That guy has two legs that don’t work and could probably whip up a chocolate souffle with his bare hands and his eyes closed.

I could definitely have it a lot worse! It would be so nice to catch a bit of sleep though. A girl can dream with her eyes open right?

Illustration detail, “Long Day’s Journey Into the Insomniac’s Night”
New York Times Magazine, October 1, 1967 by Jim Flora

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