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My chinchilla has a huge dick

January 18, 2012

Well it’s probably pretty average by chinchilla standards but he can do something like this:

*WARNING, gratuitous chinchilla boner

*disclaimer, NOT my chinchilla it belongs to itsssnikkk’s and is her chinchilla Gizmo(I’ve never thought to film if cause that’s sick) but please enjoy this short film

He tends to all of a sudden start making weird noises and every single time I’ve checked on him when these noises start he’s giving himself a blowie. The reason I bring it up now is that my neighbour almost caught him the other day. She’s been so nice helping me out while I recover and all of a sudden the noises started. She was going to look and I was all “NOOOOEs Don’t look, it’s all pink and slimy and you don’t want to see that”

Can you believe the pet store we got him from tried to tell us that male and female chinchilla genitalia  look exactly the same? Like hell they do!

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  1. Kimi permalink
    June 3, 2015 11:06 pm

    Oh thank god, I thought something was wrong with my chinchilla when I saw the size of his genitalia. His dad’s is MUCH smaller so I was worried!

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