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Breakfast of Champions

October 11, 2014

So I started going to the gym and trying to eat right better. Part of my routine now is mixing this smoothie up for “second breakfast” every morning. Ya, that’s right, weight training has turned me into a Hobbit! My first breakfast is a chicken drumstick while I walk the dog at 5am.


“The Mug” has apparently evolved into J.J. Muggs. Yard sale glassware FTW.

Blend it all till you don’t hear the blades catching on any chunks anymore.

I found a bag of organic frozen strawberries on sale and I think it’s ruined me for the regular ones. I don’t care how much people say there’s no difference, the organic ones taste and smell better!

I like using Bolthouse for a little extra protein (they also have Protein Plus Chocolate I’m thinking I might try), but if you can’t find Bolthouse anywhere just sub it with any libation you think might taste good or you have handy. Rum works, I won’t tell anyone ;)

Ps: Click through to learn more about The Mug

Product Review – essie belugaria nail polish

January 19, 2014

essie belugaria

My friend Amy gave me a bottle of this stuff last night citing that she just couldn’t handle having this stuff on her nails, so I thought I’d give it a spin tonight.

First off this stuff is fricken THICK as it’s a textured polish that’s supposed to (somewhat) resemble the caviar manicure (but for lazy people I guess? I dunno, I’ve never done it cause I’m lazy!). It kind of looks more like lava rock or something, definitely NOT caviar though, unless that fish it came from has some sort of disease!

Because it’s so thick you kind of have to resist the urge to remove excess off of the brush like you would with a normal polish. Don’t be shy with this stuff, slather it on!! Once I got over that it went on fairly easily, but it’s really messy. This stuff only needs one coat and dries really quickly which is nice. You also can’t really use a top coat since it’ll ruin the effect so yay, one less step. I just did clean up with an orange stick and some nail polish remover and it actually cleaned up really easily considering how dark it is. It chips off super easily too though so don’t lick your fingers or pick your nose with this stuff on. Touch ups are really easy though since you can just dot a bit more on and it blends seamlessly. I can see why my friend didn’t like it though, it feels WEIRD!!

I’ll most likely wear it again, as long as the bottle doesn’t glue itself shut.

The Working Family – Meal Plan (week of July 14, 2013)

July 16, 2013

Dinner of Champions

Ahhhhhhh, do you hear that? What? You don’t hear anything? That’s because I have the entire house to MYSELF for a whole week! To say that I’m ecstatic is possibly an understatement. Don’t get me wrong, I miss them, kind of. But honestly I love being alone sometimes and it’s been so very long since I’ve been alone. Like really alone.

I still did a meal plan this week to illustrate my “don’t give a fuck” attitude while everyone’s away.  My birthday is on Wednesday and I’m taking the day off to do whatever I want.  I kind of don’t want to do anything and that is totally ok because i don’t have to, wheeeeee.

I’m off to get drunk with a friend now.  Taa taa!

Product Review – Sensodyne Repair and Protect

June 23, 2013


I saw a commercial for this and thought to myself “Oh this sounds like a good idea. Maybe with this stuff I won’t have to use sensitive toothpaste everyday?” I was wrong, so very very wrong!

Do you like using AJAX bathroom cleaner? How about using it in your mouth? Do you like involuntarily triggering your gag reflex while brushing your teeth? Well then this toothpaste is for you!

If you do decide to torture yourself with this toothpaste then I suggest using a very SMALL amount of it. Using a normal sized amount is going to make you feel like you just started some awful internet challenge!

The Working Family – Meal Plan (week of June 09, 2013)

June 10, 2013


I’m posting this over a week late. Meh!

I drew a piece of broccoli on this one since its one of the few vegetables everyone in my house can agree on. I love how it’s leafy eyebrows turned out!

A lot has changed in the past couple of weeks. The Man is back to work but still recovering from his herniated disk, the kids both learnt how to ride their bikes with no training wheels and make their own breakfast, and I got a major batch of RFQ’s out to my suppliers at work. I feel like a huge weight has lifted and I can slack off a little AND finally sleep in (it only took 7 years). PHEW!!

In other news, I’m on Google+ and for some bizarre reason all of a sudden people are circling me at a way higher rate than usual. 3000 people had me circled about two weeks ago and it’s shot way up to over 12,500. I don’t know what witchcraft is happening here but now I’ve felt compelled to start posting publicly which I rarely do.

I haven’t been posting publicly cause I’m a control freak who uses Google+ as an escape, news source and way to connect with like minds and I didn’t want that sullied with people who were just going to be there to start shit. So far everyone has been very pleasant though which is a nice surprise. This sudden jump does seem to line up with me posting a lot of dick jokes lately though. I’ve been dubbed “The Queen of Peen” which is both hilarious and sad. Maybe I should stop posting dick jokes?!?!

The Working Family – Meal Plan (week of June 02, 2013)

June 2, 2013


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a meal plan because, well, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a meal plan I felt was worth posting. A lot of crazy shit has been going down, but most recently The Man has totally fucked up his back. I’ve also been dealing with burn out and have been slacking on pretty much everything, well as many things as possible.

I had a major project ramp up to deal with and that piled on top of my regular grind started me on shutdown mode. I went on with just basic function and I let a lot of stuff slip…a LOT! So now I’m trying to pick up the pieces again and a blog post seemed fitting to highlight inspiration striking on the meal plan. There is a few things on here we haven’t done before and a few we haven’t done in awhile so this week will be a nice change from all the boxed shit we’ve been sustaining ourselves on.

I celebrated with fried chicken. I know, me and hot oil should never do business together but I somehow pulled it off tonight and didn’t even 3rd degree burn myself. Yay me!


Recipes I’m busting out for this week include:

Roasted New Potatoes and Asparagus
Restaurant-Style Buffalo Chicken Wings
Grilled Cheeseburger Wraps
Kathy’s Delicious Whole Slow Cooker Chicken
Farmhouse Bistro Pot Pies
Pommery Potato Salad

The Working Family – Meal Plan (week of March 24, 2013)

March 25, 2013


This week the little one wanted to do the meal plan drawing. Beaner is our stupid little dog. I’d like to think in this situation my kid has drawn here that someone has maybe eaten her. Perhaps it was my friend Mr. Chua?  I’ve been told he eats the occasional dog…well he told me that.  Don’t judge, he lives in China.

If you look closely Saturday consists of “Big Ass Ham” which wasn’t planned (well nothing was really since it was TBD so I guess that works out). The grocery store I usually shop at occasionally gives strange “gifts” if you spend an obscene amount of money with them. So this week I wound up spending an obscene amount of money and carting home a massive ham. For a family of 4 this is an over abundance of ham! What can one do with so much ham? It’s going to be my experiment for next week I think. Ham in everything!

Also to the left you can kind of see The Man’s experient with aquaponics.  It’s a fishbowl full of snails with a netpot and some boston leaf lettuce in there.  At first he had tried strawberries with a fighting fish, both died, it was a sad day.  The lettuce is doing better but with us eating it it’s probably not going to last very long.


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